Heinz Rufibach, Chef de Cuisine

“Happy guests are what’s most important!”

Heinz Rufibach has assumed overall responsibility for the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof’s culinary offering. The Alpine Gourmet Prato Borni restaurant is his creative centre. Having been awarded 15 points by the GaultMillau restaurant testers, Rufibach’s comeback at the Grand Hotel in Zermatt has proved nothing short of a triumph. So what is it that motivates Rufibach, and what can his guests expect? Heinz Rufibach himself was on hand to provide the answers.

A native of Bern with a deep love of Zermatt

Infused with the spirit of the Valais region

Pure indulgence

Good ideas and a good team

A typical Rufibach menu

The significance of regional produce

The appeal of other culinary scenes

Fade-in subtitles

The best of alpine cuisine
With the Alpine Gourmet concept, the head chef Heinz Rufibach and his team at the Prato Borni restaurant showcase products from the Valais region with a new and imaginative twist. Aficionados of good food and drink can look forward to new and memorable culinary creations, which have been awarded 15 points from GaultMillau.

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