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Give the gift of time and leisure. The Grand Hotel is the best place for relaxation and literally offers something for everyone. You can also purchase our gift certificates at the last minute and print them out yourself.

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Your Wedding in Zermatt

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A wonderful Day

Your Wedding Celebration in the Zermatterhof

We have some very special offers for your big day because, just as love should last for an eternity, so should the memories. You will experience absolutely unforgettable moments in the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof

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Have you already decided upon a date for your wedding? Would you like to marry in the early summer, mid-summer or in the autumn/fall?

How would you like to get married? A civil or a religious ceremony?

How would you like to celebrate? The classic one from Saturday to Sunday or do you dream of a proper «Wedding Weekend» which actually starts on the Friday afternoon?

How are you celebrating? In a small circle or with several relations and friends?

If you are planning a really big wedding celebration, you should ideally let your guests know the date and time a year in advance – this means the preparations for the wedding actually begin six to 12 months before your wedding date. Come and see us, we can explain to you in detail how we can support you on your wonderful day.

Plan your wedding with us: +41 27 966 66 00 or events@zermatterhof.ch

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