Schenken Sie Zeit und Musse. Das Grand Hotel ist das beste Entspannungsmittel und bietet buchstäblich für alle etwas. Unsere Gutscheine können Sie auch im letzten Moment noch kaufen und selbst ausdrucken.

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The Small Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel Zermatterhof

Sie buchen mindestens 5 Nächte, dann schenken wir Ihnen den Skipass für 4 Tage dazu! Pro weitere Nacht verlängern wir Ihr Skiabonnement um 1 Tag.

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Mehr Spass im SchneeMehr Spass im Schnee

Sie geniessen 4 Übernachtungen inkl. grosszügigem Frühstücksbüffet und zahlen nur 3.

Angebot: 4=3 heisst 1 Nacht ist gratis

Matterhorn SkiwocheMatterhorn Skiwochen

Sie logieren 7 Nächte im Grand Hotel Zermatterhof.

7 Tage Skipass:
für Zermatt und Cervinia,
360 km Pisten, in der Schweiz und in Italien

Preis: ab CHF 1931.– p.P.
im Doppelzimmer

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Die Zermatterhof-Angebote im Überblick

Grand Hotel Zermatterhof

The small grand hotel

A grand hotel is built for living, not just sleeping. Modern hotels are designed for spending the night in. You check in to your room with its homogeneous interior, and go to bed. In between the night times, guests must leave their room and “experience” something. Not so in a grand hotel. Grand hotels are for the daytimes and evenings as well. They are for living in – for simply being. They are places for pleasantly letting time slip by without producing any results.

Lobby im Grand Hotel Zermatterhof

Free from everyday chores and obligations, and attended to by kindly souls careful not to burden you with troublesome matters. At the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof you can still experience all of that today. Here you do not need to feel guilty if you do not leave the hotel for days on end. Everything you need is here. Because real luxury is doing nothing at all. A holiday is meant to be an escape from the everyday, and the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof is the definitive place to escape to. If, however, you do feel inclined to step outside the hotel, it will not be far to wherever you wish to go, and the journey back to your “own four walls” will be easily accomplished.

And when you get back, it is as though you had never been away

Better still, everything will have been attended to, leaving you to get straight back to the important business of relaxation. Doing nothing, achieving nothing, producing no results, simply being … this is the last true luxury, and is what grand hotels were built for. Today, you can still experience it here with us. And there is no better place to do it – or rather not do it – than far from all the hustle and bustle of modern living, in the small, compact village of Zermatt.







Restaurants & Bars

Culinary diversity

The Zermatterhof boasts three restaurants, each with a unique cuisine, meaning guests are spoilt for choice when it comes to fine dining. Lunch or dinner are both wonderful ways to sample the very best that the Zermatterhof has to offer. External guests are also more than welcome.

Rooms and suites

Sleep stylishly and comfortably

Our rooms and suites are made to be lived in, down to the smallest detail. The Grand Hotel is designed with stylish living in mind and transcends any whims you might find in a trendy interior-design catalogue. Here at the Zermatterhof, we set great store by offering our guests every luxury they would expect from a hotel of the highest calibre.

Since 1879 the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof
welcomes illustrious guests from all over the world.


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